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Labuan Legislation Related to Foreign Investments

Updated on Sunday 19th August 2018

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Labuan-Legislation-Related-to-Foreign-Investments.jpgLabuan welcomes foreign investments and offers a wide range of benefits and business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the Malaysian jurisdiction. The legislation related to foreign investments is based on the English common law to ease the business path for foreign investors and to sustain Labuan as an important offshore jurisdiction. Our team of company formation agents in Labuan is at your service whether you would like to set up a trust company in Labuan or if you want to have an idea about the legislation related to foreign investments.

What laws regulate the financial operations of foreign companies in Labuan?

Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act of 2010, Labuan Trusts Act of 1996, Labuan Business Activity Tax Act of 1990, and Labuan Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2010 are few of the legislation that observes how business is done by foreign investors. We remind that each type of company in Labuan needs to be registered in respect with the Labuan Companies Act 1990

Who can set up companies in Labuan?

According to the investment legislation related to foreign investors in Malaysia, including in Labuan, a company can be incorporated by at least one shareholder who has complete ownership in the company. One should attentively select the business name as there are several requirements imposed by the government in Labuan

Tax benefits for foreign entreperneurs in Labuan

The authorities in Labuan encourage and sustain the foreign investments in this major offshore jurisdiction through all sorts of incentives, mostly related to the tax benefits a company can obtain, such as:
  • there is no withholding tax for interests, dividends, and royalties generated in Labuan;
  • trading companies in Labuan are subject to a 3% tax rate on registered profits;
  • Labuan is a free duty island which means that the imported goods are free of taxation;
  • there is no sales tax imposed for products and services for sale purposes in Labuan.
It is strongly recommended to have a clear idea about the investment field and the tax structure in Labuan before setting up an offshore or a Labuan company. In this direction, you can talk to one of our specialists in company incorporation in Labuan who can help investors in tax matters in business registration.
Feel free to get in touch with our team of company incorporation representatives in Labuan and ask for additional information about the legislation related to foreign investments in Labuan.


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